2014 Quetzal Mama Scholars

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Promotional Video

Quetzal Mama in the News

Quetzal Mama has been featured in numerous media and print since the release of her new book. "Flight of the Quetzal Mama: How to Raise Latino Superstars and Get Them Into the Best Colleges."

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Who is Roxanne Ocampo?

Roxanne Ocampo is a proud Latina mom who has demystified the college admission process for Latino students. She planned and executed the strategies that would get her children to Harvard and USC in 2011. She shares her knowledge, tips, and strategies with parents through her workshops, consulting practice, and in her book, “Flight of the Quetzal Mama: How to Raise Latino Superstars and Get Them Into the Best Colleges.”

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2014 Quetzal Mama Scholars

Why use a College Admission Consultant?

The college admissions landscape has become highly complex. Admission to selective universities requires a strategy. Students must exceed minimum college eligibility requirements, hold an impressive GPA, and have created a unique profile that will shine above others. Don’t stress, Quetzal Mama is here to help!

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“Quetzal Mama is empowering Latino students and parents to break down the barriers to their college success.” — Dolores Huerta, President Dolores Huerta Foundation


Quetzal Mama provides more than 15 free workshops topics that span the entire college admission process. She travels throughout California, year-round, bringing her technical expertise to high school campuses.

Attend one of her workshops to learn how to strategize your pathway to the college of your dreams!

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