I am an Administrator

As the leader of your school community, you know student success means more than

learning subject matter, passing standardized tests, and graduating from high school.

Today it means all of that and transitioning to a 4-year college.

You can help your student body learn all about college in a fun
and culturally relevant way by sharing Quetzal Mama resources.

Our curriculum was designed by a true Scholar/Practitioner – and a mom.

Quetzal Mama has successfully blended culturally relevant pedagogical
methods with fun and humorous engagement strategies.

Her workshops, books, and coaching programs are also informed through her doctoral level research concerning high-performing, low-income, first generation, historically underrepresented students.

How can Quetzal Mama provide services for your educational community?

Bring Quetzal Mama to your student body.

She provides custom-tailored presentations, covering more than 75 different
college-going topics for K-5, middle school, high school, and community college students.

Provide your student body with award winning books endorsed by educational leaders,
business leaders, parents, and community based organizations

Add the Quetzal Mama blog link to your Counseling Page or Parent Resources page on your website

Bring Quetzal Mama to speak to your parent organization such as ELAC/DELAC or PTO

Bring a Quetzal Mama Boot Camp to your Elementary, Middle, or High School Students!

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