I am a College Going Organization

Quetzal Mama has partnered with many national and regional college going organizations.

Why? Because we know that college pathways are unique to each student and to each type of college system.

With options including 2 year, state colleges, research 1 institutions, private colleges, and highly selective colleges (including the Ivies) it’s a challenge to provide all students with appropriate and timely resources.

This is where we come in. Quetzal Mama has developed highly technical
and customized tools to guide students at each phase of the college admissions process,
throughout each component of the application process,
and within each type of college system.
How can we help your college going organization?
Bring Quetzal Mama to your college going organization by
hosting a tailored and customized workshop specific to your needs

Purchase books to help your students and parents navigate the complex admissions process

Share the Quetzal Mama blog link in your newsletter, website, or on your student laptops

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