I am a Parent

Quetzal Mama understands the important role parents play in the college process.

And, she understands how stressful and overwhelming this process can be.

Bonus! She’s a mom who coached her own 3 children
through this complex process with extraordinary results.

Because she’s been there and done that,
she’s created lots of tools and resources
to help you sort through this challenging process.

Here's a few resources for parents:

Attend a Quetzal Mama workshop designed for parents

Click here to watch Quetzal Mama Parent Workshops

Learn about tips and resources written specifically for parents in these interesting articles

See a four-year planning guide to help your high school student

Hire Quetzal Mama to coach your student(s) through one-on-one consulting services

Learn about the language of college by reading this handy glossary

Get your copy of books written just for parents in English and Español

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